sCrypt now Supports Ordinals

2 min readOct 16, 2023

The embracing of 1Sat Ordinals by the Bitcoin community is rapidly increasing with over 48 million inscriptions, and there is a ton of excitement around this new innovation. Despite the excitement, the tooling for ordinal inscriptions remains underdeveloped, making it challenging to build with Ordinals. More specifically, the lack of smart contracts severely limits the token’s functionality.

Ordinals @ sCrypt

We are thrilled to add 1Sat Ordinals support in our developer platform, including NFT and its fungible version: BSV-20. Besides native bitcoins/satoshis, sCrypt smart contracts can now control transfers of ordinal tokens, opening a new frontier in its already powerful features.

We choose Ordinals because of its unique properties, compared to other token protocols¹.

  • Compatibility: Ordinals is fully compatible with sCrypt smart contracts, since they can be combined with any contract without changing its semantics. Any existing contract can be seamlessly integrated with an ordinal, no change required.
  • Scalability: 1Sat Ordinals on Bitcoin SV drastically improves upon Ordinals on BTC, overcoming its scalability issues. It limits Ordinals to 1 satoshi output (thus the name) and does not require global ordering of all transactions on the entire blockchain.
  • Interoperability: multiple projects have adopted Ordinals, including, GorillaPool, HandCash, Asset Layer, RelayX, Aym World, and AskHAPI. There is an active developer community and new development keeps popping up such as Panda Wallet and FireSats in this month alone.
  • Better name recognition: Ordinals is far more popular than any other token protocols outside of Bitcoin SV space. It has become synonym for tokens on Bitcoin-derived chains, including BTC, BCH, LTC, and Dogecoin.
  • Recursion: Ordinals allows an inscription to reference other inscriptions. It allows one to host an entire website on an Ordinal, by inscribing htmls, among numerous other possibilities.

We are releasing an Ordinals SDK, scrypt-ord, allowing developers to integrate sCrypt with Ordinals very easily, without having to deal with all the low-level protocol details. To showcase our SDK, we have built an full-stack web app that enables users to sell Ordinal NFTs in a trustless marketplace. Users can interact with the app with a wallet. The step-by-step tutorial is here. Full SDK documentation is here.

We can’t wait to see what you build with ordinals using our tools. If you have any question or feedback on this feature and on docs, you can always find us on the SCRYPT channels on BSV Discord here.

  1. We remain token agnostic. If there is sufficient user demand for another existing token protocol, or another new token protocol emerges and is a better option than 1Sat Ordinals, we are happy to support it.




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