sCrypt IDE 0.3.0 Release

We are thrilled to release our IDE version 0.3.0. It comes with many salient features greatly enhancing sCrypt development experience.


REPL (Read-Eval-Print Loop) is the single biggest change of the new version. During a debug session, developers can now evaluate expressions interactively and move fast!


Developers can also watch expressions.

Language and SDK Improvements

  • Replace + with ++ for bytes concatenation: this operator overloading makes sCrypt syntax more inline with other languages such as JavaScript.
  • Add sighash preimage parsing: no more magic indices.
  • Simplify (new Tx()).validate() to Tx.checkPreimage(): now checkPreimage() only takes ONE line.
  • Add domain subtype OpCodeType and SigHashType: constants are used in place of obscure hex numbers.
  • Static contract properties, besides static methods.
  • Type inference with keyword auto for basic types.

All improvements can be found in the latest boilerplate project. Please report any issues in our official Slack.

Happy hacking!

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