sCrypt 2020 Year in Review

Cambrian Explosion of Bitcoin Smart Contracts post Genesis

2 min readDec 31, 2020


We have made great strides in igniting the smart contract revolution on Bitcoin, despite many unforeseeable challenges of 2020.

We started from virtually nothing when the year started and have witnessed the explosive growth of smart contracts in Bitcoin using sCrypt, after the Genesis upgrade. To our greatest pleasure, our users have independently created the most innovative and sophisticated contracts, even we at sCrypt could not have imagined. Recently, we have seen companies start hiring sCrypt engineers, such as Volt and TokenSwap. 2020 has been a tremendously fruitful year and we are more confident than ever the trend of using Bitcoin for smart contracting will be accelerating in 2021.

sCrypt in Numbers

We officially launched about a year ago. It is worth noting that most of the numbers started from 0 in the beginning of this year.

  1. IDE Installs: 821

2. Contract examples: 37

3. Github: 43 stars and 20 forks

4. Slack group users: 185

5. WeChat group users: 214

Desktop IDE

New Features

We regularly release new features to further facilitate developing sCrypt contracts. Some of the highlights are:


  • Compiler: speedup by 1600%, script size reduced by 500%
  • OP_PUSH_TX optimization: 700%


We have launched the Bitcoin Smart Contract series blog and devised many primitives for developers to build atop. For example, Conway’s Game of Life contract is the first-ever empirical demonstration of Bitcoin being Turing Complete. Other highlights including:


We have released a series of articles and contracts to implement tokens since March.

They reinvigorated the community’s interests in tokenization and we have witnessed the explosive growth of token protocols. Several known public token solutions based on sCrypt are listed below, with more coming.


We release our TypeScript/JavaScript SDK scryptlib in August, which has become the de facto way for applications to integrate smart contracts.


To onboard users, we have provided comprehensive documentation.


We thank all our supporters and users, especially those who have contributed to our project. Wish everyone a beloved new year.




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