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  • Gregor Mitscha Baude

    Gregor Mitscha Baude

  • Delendum Ventures

    Delendum Ventures

    We support inventions in blockchain infrastructure, private computing, and zero-knowledge proof applications

  • O(1) Labs

    O(1) Labs

    We’re a software development company & leader in verifiable computation. Currently incubating Mina, the world’s lightest blockchain, powered by participants.

  • Cathie Yun

    Cathie Yun

    Cryptographer, climber, explorer. Previously working on ZK proofs at Chain/Interstellar, now on Google’s cryptography security team.

  • Crypto Rebel

    Crypto Rebel


  • Awa Sun Yin

    Awa Sun Yin

    Co-founder of the @anomanetwork and Heliax, the team building Anoma. Prev. founder @Cryptium Labs & @MetastateDev

  • Wasp Lang

    Wasp Lang

  • Gokul B Alex

    Gokul B Alex

    Poetic Past. Digital Present. Ephemeral Future.

  • Thomas Walton-Pocock

    Thomas Walton-Pocock

    CEO Aztec / BA+MMath Cambridge U.K. / CFA Charterholder

  • Gautam Botrel

    Gautam Botrel

    Lead R&D Engineer @ ConsenSys — core contributor to gnark zkSNARK library

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