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Bitcoin Turing-Complete Proof

Introduction to Turing Machine

A Turing…

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Bitcoin State

State is carried across UTXOs in a contract

The Problem

Bitcoin smart contract uses UTXO model and is stateless by default. Previously, we have developed a general approach to maintain states in a contract, built…

An interactive online school teaching sCrypt

A chapter in Learn sCrypt


One transaction has one signature
Schnorr Signature Contract

Elliptic Curve


For each i, each point Pi is represented by two coordinates (xi, yi). …

Efficient and Private Multisig

Tree Signatures

In a standard M-of-N multisig, M signatures are needed to move funds. All N public keys…

Compress a Smart Contract Logarithmically


There are generally more than one way…

Decentralized Kaggle Competitions

Fixed Point Arithmetic

One simple way…


sCrypt Inc ( is a company with a mission to provide integrated on-chain smart contracting solutions using the original BitCoin Protocol on BSV

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